27 October 2023

ASFORCLIC hosted a seminar on Forest fires in Nordic region under the leadership of visiting prof. Igor Drobyshev from SLU. What can we learn from dendrochronological reconstuctions? and many other questions were dicussed with LDF MENDELU students and staff.



27 October 2023

ASFORCLIC project results were presented during the XyloWorlds conference in Brussels. Project coordinator participated in the panel discussion focused on forestmanagement, materialscience, architecture and discussed relevant topics with scientists, stakeholders and industry.



27 October 2023

FFTW at MENDELU presented ASFORCLIC project focused on Adaptation strategies in forestry under the global climate change impact in Brussels and discussed futher possibilites with EU representatives at SMR, EC CZELO, etc.


19 October 2023

 MENDELU hosted Final evaluation conference organized in frame of ASFORCLIC project. Colleagues from SLU, LWF, THUNEN, TUM, UL, BOKU and AIT have discussed overall progress and achieved results and received feedback from the Advisory board members. 


2-3 October 2023

Evaluation of the activities and examples of the successful stories will be discussed during the Mentee-mentor workshop, 2-3 October 2023 at MENDELU.

The mentorship promotes the young researchers' cognitive abilities to build general capacities, conduct solid, well-planned activities and positively and sustainably oriented work, and integrate them into the scientific society. Within this frame, the young and Early-Stage researchers have the opportunity to develop necessary personal skills for their future scholar careers such as goal-setting, planning and scheduling, data collection and management, critical and analytical thinking, time management, report writing, results publishing and others.


15 August 2023

 ASFORCLIC Join new research avenue definition of WG3 will take a place on 15th of August 2023, at 9:30 AM as an online event. Join us and contribute to discussion on joint research activities, such as selffinancing of the foreset sphere under the climate change impact; economic production and possibilities for using lesser known wood species; proposals of new strategies in forest management and planning, forest health and vitality under climate change and different management approaches; the influence of forest decline and climate changes on public relations and perspective of society and many others.


19 June 2023

ASFORCLIC is organizing a Workshop focused on Gender balance in forestry education and science in Central Europe

Issues of genderbalance and inequality in forestry have moved up on the agenda. Higher education in forestry can play a key role in tackling outdated practices, traditions and sentiments in science and practice. 


9 June 2023

ASFORCLIC is organizing a Literature seminar for young researchers. 

Literature reading and writing are the epitome of science. Especially for young researchers, a literature seminar can help to get routine in reading and discussing scientific articles, English language and presentation routine.


2 June 2023

ASFORCLIC is organizing a Literature seminar for young researchers. 

The topic of seminar: Ground-based measurements of leaf area index: a review of methods, instruments and current controversies


23 May 2023

 ASFORCLIC is organizing WG3 workshop. The workshop will discuss the possibility of using lesser known wood species and will focus on adaptation strategies in forestry and their impact on the forestry and timber sector. 


 4 May 2023

ASFORCLIC is organizing Workshop: Stakeholders perceptions of opportunities and constraints for the use of selected tree species

Discussion with key stakeholders (forest owners, forest nurseries, owners of agricultural lands, wood producers, wood processing, other wood industry entities, wood market, policymakers)


 21 April 2023

 ASFORCLIC is organizing a Literature seminar for young researchers. 

 Topic of seminar: Laser diffraction analysis of aggregate stability and disintegration in forest and grassland soils of northern Minnesota, USA


13 April 2023

BOKU and Wood K plus visit at Josef Ressel Research Centre in Útěchov, MENDELU. Tour of the composite materials, wood protection, acoustics, modification laboratories, mechanical laboratories and many others.


24 March 2023

The 4th ASFORCLIC consortium meeting will be held as an online event on 24 March 2023. The conducted progress within working packages will be discussed.


7 - 9 February 2023

ASFORCLIC is organizing an extended course on how to write a research text under the leadership of Igor Drobyshev from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.


14 - 16 November 2022


ASFORCLIC hosted 2nd Workshop focused on lesser used wood species. Together with all advanced partners from AT,DE,SE and SI the potential use of lesser used wood species was discussed.


 4 October 2022


ASFORCLIC Consortium meeting - the 3rd project meeting 


  26 - 28 April 2022


 Gabriele Ehmcke, the scientific partner from the Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute - Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries, THUENEN, has visited Mendel University in Brno last week (26 – 28 April 2022) in the frame of the ASFORCLIC project activities. MENDELU's colleagues had the chance to exchange ideas about new research topics on wood modification, wood protection and material durability with Gabriele in dedicated meetings.ASFORCLIC offered the opportunity to the MENDELU master's students and academics to attend Gabi's lecture on the wood anatomy and properties of softwoods and hardwoods. She also demonstrated the MacroHOLZdata interactive application to identify common trade timbers & information on the wood properties, processing and utilisation. The lecture was realised in a hybrid way, allowing remote attendees to interact.

During her short stay, Gabi visited as well, the Josef Ressel Research Centre premises to see timber research in practice and discuss with her colleagues from the Department of Wood Science and Technology prospects and possibilities for future collaborations. We also showed Gabi the University Training Enterprise Masaryk Forest in Křtiny to allow her to learn more about our forestry activities.







17 December 2021 

The new course "Project management in practise" for bachelor's and master's students is to be open at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology Mendel University in Brno in the summer semester of 2021/2022. Training provided by ASFORCLIC helped to shape the course content.

The course aims to acquaint students with the basics of project management and the practical side of project implementation. Students will be provided with knowledge covering drafting of the project application, fundamental risk analysis, project implementation and communication with stakeholders.

Further information here





 26 November 2021

 ASFORCLIC as the partner of the SilvaNet-WoodNet conference.

Conference proceeding here

Further information here








This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°952314.