The research covers the influence and interaction of the changing forest environment (climate, precipitation/ throughfall) on tree growth and production and single tree compartments, including lesser-used tree species. Here different management systems, like silvicultural treatments in pure or mixed stands, thinning, agro-forestry or short rotation coppice, are quantified by measuring the stem volume, leaf area, throughfall and other stands and climatical parameters.


Wood Properties & Applications

The research covers the influence of tree-internal (tree physiology) or external (site, altitude, climate, water-stress/ drought) environmental conditions on the amount and quality (ring-width, density, strength) of the grown wood. These investigations also include the seasonal productivity of the cambium under different growth conditions. Also, the quality and properties of the wood from other tree species produced under these conditions and their influence on the applications of the wood material (solid wood, wood composites) or the possibilities of property improvement due to wood modification measures are quantified.

Bioeconomy & Policy

The research covers measures of how to quantify the impact of forest enterprise and forest management on the economic and social development of the territory. These investigations also include quantifying and evaluating the socio-economic benefits of the selected operator for the local people and entrepreneurs by traditional applications like log usage, influence on the environmental quality or human health, or additional forest by-products.








This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°952314.